Traditions and customs kept for centuries in Dănceni village

For centuries, on the eve of St. Basil the Great, people sing carols and celebrate the New Year. Villagers from Dănceni, Ialoveni district, have kept the holy traditions, therefore, young people dressed in national clothes, grabbed the bell, drum, costumes and started singing carols.

The ensemble, made out of locals, made a dedication to a house whose owner is called Vasile.

The hosts have repaid the young men as it is done in Moldova, with wine, sweets, knot-shaped bread and money.

"Whenever we sing carols we receive sweets. Siblings, relatives, friends gather, it is a tradition for us" a villager said.

Carols were also sung at the houses of other villages, wishing them a successful new year.

In the family of Vasile and Natalia Conţulescu, the tradition to celebrate the day of Saint Basil the Great is kept for over 20 years. The woman has filled the table with dishes for guests.

"Each year, for Stain Basil the Great we hear carols, we are happy, gather all our relatives and friends and celebrate. We wait for 12 o'clock and then launch fireworks and open a bottle of champagne" villager Natalia said.

It is believes that houses where carols were sung will be blessed for the year, therefore people leave their gates open. While young people respect the tradition, as their ancestors have done.

"We try to keep the traditions and customs of our nation. We go to every house that lets us in, where the light is lit and people from the village will open their doors for us."

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