Trade relations Moldova - Austria boosted and expanded. Investors appreciate positive changes in Moldovan economy

The Economy Minister has presented in Austria the opportunities of investment and businesses of Moldova. 

Particularly, the Minister spoke about facilities granted to residents in the free economic zones, industrial parks and IT parks to attract Austrian investments in the Moldovan economy and boost trade relations Moldova - Austria. 

Chiril Gaburici has suggested to investors in Austria to use opportunities for profitable investment in industry, infrastructure, agriculture and IT.

"We encourage the participation of Austrian companies in the activity of free economic zones, industrial parks in Moldova and IT park Tekwill which offers attractive conditions for foreign investors.

"Also, we are interested in extending cooperation and taking Austrian experience in energy efficiency and information technology and communications, as well as the application of financing instruments, such as the Loan Guarantee Fund of Moldova, in particular the functioning mechanism, "the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure said.

Moreover, Chiril Gaburici presented reforms implemented by Moldovan Government to reduce pressure on business and to create attractive commercial environment. Ones of them are reduction of control institutions to 13, reduction by 60 percent permissive documents. 

"I have made this presentation because one of the Ministry's priorities is to attract investments. The successful business of Austrian investors in Moldova shows that there is potential for developing new projects," the minister noted.

Chiril Gaburici reiterated the importance of organizing bilateral business forums, for the potential development of trade relations, attracting potential investors and promoting exports.

"We will appreciate the support of the Austrian side to promote Moldovan products on the European market, especially fruit, vegetables and wine products through the big commercial networks," said Chiril Gaburici.

Austrian investors have positively appreciated the changes  in the Moldovan economy and reiterated that they are still open to expand their businesses in our country.

According to the official information provided by the Public Services Agency, currently 100 enterprises with Austrian capital amounting to about 459.3 million lei are operating in Moldova. 

By value of the invested capital, Austria ranks 7th among the main investors of Moldova. The volume of foreign trade of Moldova with Austria in the year 2017 was $ 121.1 million, up 20% from 2016.

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