Track opened in Călăraşi for all lovers of winter sports

People can enjoy winter sports without having to leave for Romania or Ukraine. Dozens of people can take their ski, snowboard, or sledges and go to Călăraşi, where a track was opened. Administrators claims that the snow which fell this week was a heavenly gift.

People begun coming to the track since 10 am.

Those who don't own ski equipment, can rent it for 200 lei. Visitors claim that they are happy to have such a long track, for the price of only 150 lei.

"It is wonderful, we can ski here, in Moldova. We live nearby and came here. The price is also satisfying" a man said.

"This is a wonderful track for Moldova, pity that there is not much snow, but it is how it is. Other than that it is amazing. You come here, rather than go out drinking" another man said.

Beginners could not help but fall.

"We are not very good at this. We went a few times to Ukraine and trained, now we practice here" a beginner said.

The track turned out to be a wonderful entertainment for children as well.

"We fell down four times. I have ski, but they are at home. I was afraid, because I don't have much experience" a child said.

"I love it, my father taught me" another child said.

"I feel warm and it is so much fan sledging" a kid said.

Experienced people have given advice to others.

"You must be well dressed, with warm clothes that do not let the cold in. The shoes are also important for snowboarding and skiing. When falling down, you must make sure to keep your hands close to your body" a man explained.

People go down the track with sledges and come back up with a minibus. Still, the administrator intends to build a gondola lift.

"We want it and are working for it. We went to Braşov, visited best specialists that could help us bring here the equipment. For New Years, there was no snow, I believed it a lost cause and we were not 100% ready" administrator Nicolae Rozembac declared.

Visitors could enjoy a warm meal, prepared near the track.

"We prepared for our visitors pork stew, polenta and mulled wine."

"I feel at home."

There were also some who brought food from home.

"We brought some snacks. We came to rest a bit, it is warmer in the city and the snow melts faster, unlike here."

The track is opened for visitors 24/7 and will function as long as there is snow and low temperatures.

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