Tower blocks with mini landing strips for drones on their balconies

Forget using your garage. Someday your home may need a drone landing pad. 

Whether its delivering packages or providing transport, drones are expected to play part of our lives in the coming years.
Now, a new concept for a ‘Drone Tower’ shows how we could shape our buildings to accommodate the rise in UAVs.

Charles Bombarier, a mechanical engineer in Quebec, Canada is founder of the blog Imaginactive, where he showcases far-fetched future design concepts.

The concept describes ‘drone-ready’ condo towers or blocks of flats, with each balcony a kind of drone landing site.
The balconies would be adapted to land personal flying vehicles, hoverboards and drones.

Robotic furniture would detect approaching vehicles and make space for them.
The balcony’s railguards could probably be designed to slide down or roll down, Mr Bombardier says.

Delivery drones or small electric vehicles could use the large balconies as landing sites to drop off deliveries or even pick up passengers.

Mr Bombardier said people would not need to own their own drones to have these drone landing balconies.

But with Amazon and Google’s ambitious plans for drone deliveries coming along quickly, the pair thinks it will not be too long before your next apartment comes drone-ready.

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