Tougher penalties for parents according to new amendments to Family Code

Parents who will beat or neglect their children will be punished harder. According to amendments to the Family Code, proposed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, they will pay all the expenses for minors, if children will enter orphanages. The document also stipulates penal proceedings on behalf of parents who will shirk their obligations.

Ministry of Labour and Social Protection proposed that all minor maintenance costs to be rembursed by parents in case if their children will will be placed in orphanages. Moreover, they risk a criminal record and a fine of up to 40 thousand lei.

"Criminal liability is ensured if the parents refuse to exercise their obligations, or if  the reintegration of children into their biological families is not ensured" , said deputy Minister of Labour, Viorica Dumbraveanu.

Lawyers argue that new sanctions will make parents more responsible.

"It is absolutely important to establish with certainty the causes and to determine if it was an abuse or neglect, before sanctions are applied " , said lawyer Doina-Ioana Straisteanu.

Placement center managers say that most children who get there need not only maintenance but also help of doctors and psychologists. Currently, the state is spending less than 2,000 lei per month for a left child.  

"It would be ideal if the expenses during a month of a child would be ensured, about 15 -16 000 lei. There should be an addiction to the fines applied, the requirement that the parent attend a psychological counseling course" , said Adriana Zaslavet, director of orphanage. 

The Government will discuss the draft amendment to the Family Code on Wednesday, November 8th.
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