Top 3 best paid jobs in Moldova. Average wage grew by 12.4% since 2016

Employees from financial institutions and insurance companies have replaced those working in the IT filed in terms of best paying jobs. People working in this field have a salary twice the average one, shows the data of National Statistics Bureau.

In the last months of 2017, the average wage in the banking and finance field reached over 13 000 lei, registering a 2 000 lei growth. Employees in the IT and communication field have an average monthly salary of over 12 800 lei, being similar to the one registered in July - September 2017.

In the top 3 paid jobs can also be found the energy sector. They receive each month on average over 11 thousand lei. People working on the market receive between 3 500 and 8 500 lei.

National Statistics Bureau informs that in the last four months of 2017, the average wage was over 6 000 lei, or a 12.4% growth compared to a similar period in 2016.

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