Tons of water leaking due to malfunction of potable water pipe in Bubuieci

Malfunction of potable water pipe has caused major headache to villagers in Bâc, Bubuieci commune.

People say that poor quality work at the aqueduct installed a month ago caused sludge on the unpaved road.  

The Apa-Canal employees have been asked last night by the locals to fix the damage, but the workers came only this morning.

People are dissatisfied with this situation, especially as they intended to asphalt the street. 

Workers say the leak was resolved within an hour, but they are not responsible for the failure.

Because of the sludge, Apa Canal's car got stuck and needed towing.

The representatives of Apa Canal could not tell how many families were affected and who would pay the drained water on the streets, reasoning that today is Saturday. 

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