Tomorrow starts the contest for Prosecutor General function. Maia Sandu: We can't let the current CSP to elect the new Prosecutor

The High Council of Prosecutors (CSP) will announce tomorrow the contest for prosecutor General function.

The subject was included in the CSP session, which will take part at 09:00.
Also, the PM Maia Sandu wrote on her Facebook page that 'Now the Prosecutor general is elected by law, by the High Council of Prosecutors. But we can't let the current CSP to elect the new prosecutor, because of knowing who are they. We are searching for legal solutions for the next Prosecutor to be truly independent and to start punishing criminals and to irreversibly reform the Prosecution General's Office. We will return later with these solutions and I promise to not give up the battle for justice'.
PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the Prosecutor General function became vacant after Eduard Harunjen resigned. For now, the ad interim function is exerted by Dumitru Robu, whom the press wrote about being Nastase's relative.

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Moreover, after a few days from investment, he started a criminal dossier for state power usurpation at Nastase's request.
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