Tobacco smuggled by six Moldovans, escorted at Iasi border

Iasi border police just detected 14 kg of Duty-Free Tobacco in a Volkswagen Sharan car registered in Romania.

There were six people in the car, and the tobacco was about to reach their friends.

Meanwhile, the police also noticed plastic bags containing 54 tobacco boxes in car of Duty-Free origin and nine cigarette packs with excise stamp Republic of Moldova, Rothmans brand.

The car and the persons were taken to the headquarters of the Territorial Border Police Service of Iasi, in order to continue the research.

According to border police, the border driver is dual citizen of Moldova and Romania, aged 28, residing in Iasi. 

In the car there were six persons aged between 29 and 61 years old, Moldovan citizens.

All the goods, amounting to 3,269 lei, were escorted. 


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