To beat all creation: Client recorded by Ana Ursachi is an Information and Security Service colonel

Ana Ursachi was recording her clients defended in a case of interception. In the video recording posted yesterday, 30 November 2016, by the website, she is talking with the colonel Alexandru Popescu, former chief of Economic Security Department of SIS. The information was offered by sources involved in the lawyer's case, and then confirmed by Alexandru Popescu, writes

"Yes, I am the one in that recording and I am  very indignant of this gesture of Mrs. Ursachi. It happened in fall of 2011, when the defendant from our case has appealed the military instance from the Supreme Court, saying that if we are not working anymore in the field, the case should be examined in a civil court. The Supreme Court went in our favor at that time. In this case, I think some requests should be made so Mrs. lawyer's license would be withdrawn" declared Alexandru Popescu.

He says that Ana Ursachi voluntarily proposed her services in that case, and they accepted her as a spare lawyer to substitute the advocators initially contracted, but who could not be present in the court from some reasons.

"The payment for the offered services should have been done at the end, but since we did not have an end with her to the Supreme Court, the things remained this way" explained the colonel.

When asked if he observed a suspicious behavior from the lawyer when she was recording him, Alexandru Popescu said that he observed some strange details, but he overlooked them.

"If you could observe, in the moment she says her blouse got unbuttoned, I was less talkative. Moreover, in the car was also her husband, Mr. Stepuleac. Only now, after seeing the material broadcasted in media, I understood her role in this case. I don't deny, she carried out her work very well, but behind this were other interests" added he.

Asked from his point of view, what was the reason Ana Ursachi was doing this kind of things, the quoted source said that the lawyer might have worked for someone: "Maybe she was doing it for some politicians who are imprisoned today, maybe for someone more serious..."

The interception case in which the discussion between Ursachi and Popescu takes place, lasted approximately 5 years. It is about the former head of Operational-Technical Department of the Information and Security Service of the communist period, accused by prosecutors that he ordered the interception of the phone discussions of many officials, including the former deputies Alexandru Tanase, Mihai Godea, and many SIS employees including Valentin Dediu, Dorin Gorea or Alexandru Popescu.

Until the end he got away from the sentence, after the Supreme Court decided to stop the penal case in his regard because of the expiration of the time limit: three years after his sentence to three years of jail given by first court. At that time, in order to get away from jail, the former official left Moldova after launching accusations in the address of the prosecutor working on this case. The aggrieved parties from the case consider the decision of Supreme Court as an illegal one, because the law does not allow the summoning of the time limit in the period when the person is searched.

On 22 November 2016, the police conducted searches at the lawyer's house. The media was writing at that time that through the evidence taken by police are video and audio recordings with judges, prosecutors, politicians and many others, all done with special equipment, whom was given to her by Anatol Stepuleac, former MAI employee, who is living with the lawyer suspected of murder.

The policemen found out that Ana's father had to fly one morning at 4:00 to Minsk, with a stop-over in Odessa, where he was supposed to give her all material gathered by her during a period of many years.

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