Tiraspol to declare independence as soon as federalization document is signed, former President says

Tiraspol will declare its independence once the document of federalization of Moldova is signed, according to former President Vladimir Voronin, who in 2003 refused to sign the Kozak Plan.

Within a talk show on the national TV channel, the politician said he had been aware of the document long time ago. 

"In 2003, I knew that only by signing this federalization document, Transdniestria would declare its independence from Moldova. You've heard form Dodon the word unitary state, he does not know this word, so when he puts something parallel on foreign accounts, he can sell anyone, that's dangerous, "Vladimir Voronin said.

Last week, Publika published some videos which showed that Igor Dodon admitted receiving money from Russia to run Socialist Party and even persuaded PDM President Vlad Plahotniuc to sign federalization document. Dodon said Russia is being this plan. 

However, PDM leader refused to sign the document. PSRM turned to make alliance with ACUM bloc. 



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