Tiraspol law-enforcers search houses of former leader’s relatives

The Tiraspol authorities ordered their law-enforcers to search the houses of parents and mother-in-law of the former leader of the regime, Yevgeny Shevchuk.

He has complained on social media the raids are an abusive move by the Transnistrian law-enforcers and have intimidated his relatives. The former so-called president of the Transnistrian secessionist area is probed for stealing big from the region’s public money.

Shevchuk says no evidence to confirm his guiltiness has been found. Earlier he had stated he took refuge on the right bank of the Dniester, because of persecutions on behalf of an important businessman from the region.

He says he was followed by several cars of the bodyguards of the company Sheriff, and one of its shareholders allegedly ordered his being murdered.

Last Wednesday, the so-called legislators from Tiraspol lifted Shechuk’s immunity, at prosecutors’ request, who blame him for graft.

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