Timofti says he has saved independence of the institution of president

Moldova’s outgoing President Nicolae Timofti believes that while at the supreme post, he has preserved the independence of the institution of the president. He stated this in his Saturday’s meeting with Members of the European Parliament representing the European People’s Party. They are members of the European Parliament Mission, which is observing the Moldovan parliamentary election today, Infotag reports. 

“Despite the criticism in my address, I was promoting the principle of the independence of the institution of president throughout my term of office. And I was doing all what was only in my powers – in the conditions I worked – to promote the national interests of the Republic of Moldova”, said Nicolae Timofti.

At the meeting, the interlocutors exchanged opinions on the ongoing presidential candidate.

“They discussed also the role played by the mass media in the election process. The President said that in conformity with the Constitution, the head of state does not interfere into election campaigns. Mr. Timofti underscored that some presidential candidates were dishing out promises that went beyond their constitutional powers”  said the presidential administration wrote in its press release on the meeting.

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