Time to go back! Moldovans returning abroad to work

With the end of the winter holidays, hundreds of Moldovans are going back to European Union countries and Russia to work.

They have to leave abroad to support their families and help their parents.

This bus is leaving this morning to Praga, while this man is working abroad for over 17 years. He was walked to the bus by his father and son.

This woman is working for 7 years in Czech Republic.

Her son, Ion, is 18 and hopes to soon be able to support his family, so that his mother will not have to leave anymore.

While this young man does it to help his mother.

Even the train station was filled with with people. Many gathered to say farewell to their relatives working in Russia.

Those who chose to go abroad made sure to grab a few things from home.

According to Border Police, over 26 500 people have left Moldova in the past 24 hours.

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