Tightening customs controls to track fruit and vegetables smuggling

The import of fruit and vegetables will be monitored more strictly. The decision has been made by the Customs and Fiscal Services.

The move aims at revealing more cases of smuggling, which also imply re-packaging and forging origin documents to re-export the produce as Moldovan goods.

The two services will undertake joint controls and will exchange information.

”It’s essential that the controlling bodies enhanced their caution to unveil frauds, so that the state budget is not prejudiced any longer. The entrepreneurs working legally will so be supported,” said Vitalie Vrabiem the chief of the Customs Service.

The head of the Fiscal Service, Sergiu Puscuta, has said enhancing the unveiling rate of the customs- and tax-related crimes will insure a better collection of taxes.

2,475 attempts of violating the customs legislation were detected in the first 9 months of this year, as the detection rate rose 50% year on year.

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