Thrilling! Ceiling fell over teacher's desk in Balti classroom

Serious incident at Stefan cel Mare High School in Balti when a ceiling collapsed in a classroom.

Fortunately, nobody was injured as the incident occurred at the weekend. Actually this incident happened before in this high school. 

The incident occurred in a class room on the third floor where a large piece of ceiling collapsed over the teacher's table.

Parents of students have requested continuously the repair because danger is posed against teachers and students. However, their efforts were little paid attention. 

"We are scared. It might happen when students and teachers are in class. We addressed this issue lots of time but no reaction. 

"We worry about our children. We don't know what to do next. We said this to the city Hall but nothing was done". 

Such incident also occurred in August when the ceiling fell off in the lobby. 

"It's already the second incident. We're afraid what will happen to our children". 

The high school director ordered the evacuation of the children on the third floor of the building.

"All classes on the third floor moved to another block. It's alright now.", said Igor Poștari, director of Stefan cel Mare high school in Balti.

The officials from Bălţi City Hall promise that the problem will be resolved shortly.

"We will invite the specialists once again to make the expertise, after that we will prepare the necessary documents to carry out the repair," said Mihail Vlasinko, Deputy Head of the Education Department, Balti.

600 students are attending in the Stefan cel Mare High School in Balti. 

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