Three war veterans received one-room apartment in Chisinau (Photo)

Three veterans have received one-room apartments for their dedication to defend defend the sovereignty and independence of Moldova and fighting activities in other states. 

This action was organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with the Associations of Veterans Sf.Gheorghe Biruitorul and with the support of a construction company. 

The event was attended by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Alexandru Jizdan, the prime minister's advisor on veterans' issues, the heads of the MIA subdivisions, veterans and ministry employees.

Accordingly, the war veterans Pavalachi Serghei, Beşleagă Petru and Protasevici Serghei, who do not have dwelling properties received today apartment worth 453,000 lei, offered as a donation by a construction company .

The heads of the MAI subdivisions attended the event and offered them refrigerators and television for these veterans worth about 18 thousand lei.


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