Three MPs of bloc ACUM accuse Socialist Party of involving in money laundering scheme

Iurie Reniţă, bloc ACUM's MP, organized a press conference in which he accused the Socialists of involving in the money laundering scheme, money from abroad which they used in the electoral campaign. 

PSRM members have not yet commented on this accusation. 

Reniţă presented a request, which was sent to the General Prosecutor Dumitru Robu.

"I ask the General Prosecutor's Office to investigate the illegal actions of money laundering involving the natural and legal persons affiliated with PSRM. 

From the investigations of the Service for the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering, led by Vasile Şarco, it turns out that since 2016, several natural and legal persons have participated in money laundering in very large proportions of unknown origin, which have been used in the Socialist Party's election campaigns. We ask you to thoroughly check the facts described in the materials and to take measures necessary for the security of the country,"said Reniţă.

According to Iurie Reniţă, the document was signed by three MPs: Iurie Reniţă, Lilian Carp and Octavian Ţîcu. Reniţă also presented the CNA report, in which more information is presented and sent to prosecutors.


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