Three Moldovan fighters - winners of Bocskai Istvan Memorial tournament

The Moldovan boxers Mihail Cvasiuc 60 kg, Dumitru Galagoț 64 kg și Alexei Zavatin 91 kg have won the bronze medals yesterday, February 9th, at the international tournament "Istvan Bocskai Memorial", held in Hungary.

Today, February 9th, they will fight for qualification to the final.

Michael Cvasiuc will fight the Ukrainian Dumitru Galagot and  will duel with the champion of Belarus and Croatia's Alexei Zavatin.

The best boxer is the Moldovan Veaceslav Gojan, Olympic bronze medalist at Beijing 2008 European champion Ankara, 2011.

Tournament "Istvan Bocskai Memorial" is held the 61st time.
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