Three men arrested for influence peddling and 20 000 euro bribery

Three persons were arrested by Anticorruption officers and prosecutors for influence peddling. They are suspected of having extorted from the relative of a defendant 20 000 euro, to rid him of the criminal file.

According to the denouncer, the three people, among whom a student from a university from Capital and a former police officers, have presented themselves as powerful men from FSB and other secret services promising that they can solve the issue of the relative, who was investigated for drug trafficking. For their services, the suspects demanded 20 000 euro.

The suspects have acted together, having fooled the victim that they are friends with a number of influential persons from law and that they could solve the issue. In fact, they have used a classic deception scheme, having manage to extort the money from the victim.

A criminal file was opened on this case for influence peddling, but prosecutors could also include frauds. At the moment, the three were arrested for 72 hours and are in CNA's custody.

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