Three men arrested after fleeing when sighting police officers

A 20-year-old young men was caught red handed while attempting to break into a car, parked on a street from Stăuceni commune. He attempted to flee the site with a multimedia stereo and two cell phones he stole.

The suspect now risks an up to 13 000 lei fine, 120 to 240 hours of unpaid community services, or up to 2 years of imprisonment.

Another two young men, of 18 and 20, were noticed acting suspiciously at the intersection of G.Grosu and Frumoasa streets. They tried to hide from law enforcement, but were caught.

According to the police, they were found in possession of several packages containing crushed vegetable substance, similar to cannabis.

The evidence was sealed and sent to the forensics from the General Police Inspectorate. The suspects risks an up to 14 000 lei fine, up to 150 hours of unpaid community services, or up to 1 year behind bars.

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