Three Customs officers out of those 28 placed into custody

Customs officers from Tudora and Palanca posts were detained yesterday and were brought to the court to receive warrants.

Prosecutors had sought an 30 days of arrest.

Customs officers are suspected for extorting bribes and influence peddling, and coverage of smuggling schemes.

"We believe that the seriousness of the crime of corruption is very high, and hence we require a remand. It is an initial prosecution amounts are emerging, along the way we'll have amounts more clear. It is about the investigation of a phenomenon and not a special case" , said the prosecutor from Anticorruption prosecutor's Office, Vladislav Bobrau.

Three of the Customs officers received today an ordered of the preventive detention for 30 days.

One of Customs officers that was placed under arrest is from Palanca Customs Office.

25 others still wait for the court's decision on October 2nd.

"The court decided to preventive measures for issuing an arrest warrant for a period of 30 days on the accused, inspector at the Customs Office Palanca amount is indicated. In currency. So according to the accusation received money in different currencies" , said prosecutor in Anti-Corruption prosecutor Alexander garbage disposal.

PUBLIKA.MD points out that 28 customs officers were detained after raids at Tudora and Palanca posts. The officers had claimed money from people who were transporting food products in Ukraine.

In this way, people cross the border without being verified. At the manager's office of Tudora customs post were found money in different currencies. And Palanca crossing point violations were similar.

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