Three apartment owners form Buiucani woke up to being flooded by a burst pipe

Three apartment owners form Sucevița street, Buiucani sector of the Capital, woke up to being flooded, after a pipe burst. 

"The water started leaking from the restroom. It ruined all the furniture. The water level rose to 10 cm in the apartment."

People claim that their apartments were flooded at the beginning of the month, from the same cause.

"This happened two weeks ago. The water never reached this high, because the situation was dealt with fast."

Resident declared that this problem persists for many years.

"The pipes are old. We live with this issue for over 10 years. Employees from Apă-Canal come here every month and try to fix it."

Owners have tried speaking with administration of "Apă Canal-Chişinău", but without results. People claim that they already wish to sue the enterprise to be compensated for damages.

"We will take this matter to the court, sue them, because nobody will return us our items ruined by the water. Our salaries are worth near nothing and we cannot repair the house every day."

A total of 120 square meters were damaged by the burst pipe.

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