Thousands of Moldovans RECEIVE free treatment of chronic hepatitis

Over 2,000 patients of chronic viral hepatitis and cirrhosis have received free treatments that allow definitive cure of the disease. By the end, the Ministry of Health will provide patients with 5,000 other drugs.

To this end, over 70 million lei have been spent from the state budget.

Maria Zaharia was diagnosed with hepatitis C 10 years ago. Two weeks ago, she began the treatment with an antiviral offered for free by the Ministry of Health. She says she already feels better and is confident that she will heal completely

To receive the treatment, patients must go to the district doctors for investigation. Later, medical exam results will be sent to the Ministry of Health.

So far 2,800 cases were filed.

The cost of treatment for one patient starts at 10,000 lei.

According to the Ministry of Health, nearly 41,000 patients have chronic viral hepatitis and cirrhosis.

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