Thousands of Moldovans chose to meet Christmas in mountains. Moldova-Romania borders packed with people

With only a few days left to Christmas, Moldovans decided to go to mountains. The sights of Romania are luring our citizens out of the country.

This is proven by the big influx of cars crossing the borders during this period.

People claim that they chose to spend a mini vacation in Romania, because it is not far from home and the prices are reasonable:

"We are going on a vacation to spend Christmas while resting and feeling more at home than ever. Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with family. To play games and joke around."

"We are going on a small excursion in Slănic Moldova. To change the views of the city in favor of mountains."

"If we will catch some snow it will great, not only for sledges, but also for the Christmas dinner on 7th January."

Moldova, in its turn attracts many Romanians. They wish to gain new experiences here, especially at wineries.

"We wish to go to Cricova and visit the winery, as it is a beautiful program. They have never been there and we also hope to reach the rebuilt citadel from Soroca."

”I am from Romania and wish to go on vacation to Moldova. I will spend my holidays here for the first time, in a company of a lady."

At customs more employees are working to ease the traffic.

"The work is much harder for the customs officers. All possible forces are used, all lanes the customs owns" deputy head of Leușeni customs, Octavian Rusu said.

”Border police recommends to use the traffic online application to see the real time situation at crossing points and use the least loaded one" deputy head of border police from Leușeni, Llilian Colesnic said.

In the past 24 hours, the customs were crossed by 50 000 vehicles.

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