Thousands of Moldovan children heartened by Germany's surprising Christmas presents

A group of 70 young people from Germany have come to Moldova with six trucks full of Christmas presents for the local children. Their first destination in Moldova is a school in Dănceni, Ialoveni district. 

The children welcomed the foreign "Santa" with open arms. 

"I receive gloves, lego, candies. I'm so happy and surprised!", said a child after receiving Christmas present.  

Their parents were also touched at the nice gesture. 

"I'm glad to see the children's smiles. I'm very impressed and astonished to know they came here". 

According to the project coordinator from Moldova Ion Crudu, it's an European Union project. 

"Our colleagues and friends in Germany prepare these presents: toys, clothes, hygiene products for the children", said Ion Crudu.

German project coordinator Andrew Fordyce said they started the project 19 years ago with 2,000 packages.

"After nearly 20 years, we manage to prepare 173,000 presents to make 173,000 children happy in this country". 

The actions are to reach other 25 districts in Moldova. It's been the ninth year this project's held in Moldova. 


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