THOROUGH CHECKS. Members of special commissions from City Hall start controlling the blocks in which gas cylinders are used

The members of the special commissions of the City Hall start today checking the blocks and premises where gas cylinders are used. These committees include the cost officers, the Housing Directorate, the IGSU, the police, as well as the representatives of the Technical Supervision Agency.

"We will go first to inform what the consequences of the gas cylinders will be and we will give in one day, two as the gas balloon owner to evacuate it. If they fail to comply, we will also go through the minutes, the finding of the deed and on the application of the sanction, "mentioned Ruslan Codreanu, interim mayor of Bucharest.

Also, economic agents will be further informed about the ban on unauthorized use of liquefied gas cylinders in trade and service provision. Moreover, out-of-home shops located in public areas in the city that illegally use gas cylinders will be evacuated by sectoral prices.

City Hall representatives also announced that, since Sunday, more than 200 calls from citizens who have reported cases of illegal use of gas cylinders have been registered at the Municipal Central Dispatcher.

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