This year's farmer's fruit

This year we have the largest wheat crop in five years. Farmers gathered nearly 1,300 tons or a third more than last year.
The data was presented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture this year the harvest per hectare is 300 kg more than last year.

The grain growth was favored by climatic conditions in May-June. But they also led to lower wheat quality.

Ministry of Agriculture mentioned that the purchase price of wheat this year will be from 2 lei and 20 bani up to 2 lei and 80 bani per kilogram.

The price is somehow lower than last year due to oversupply of this product in markets. However, the decrease of wheat price does not mean that the price of bread will also decline.

This year farmers raised 45 thousand tons of canola, three times more than last year. Also the barley haverst was good this year. This year farmers raised almost 260 thousand tons of barley , or 80 000 tons more than last year.

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