Thirteen NGOs express discontent with Parliament's judge appointment

13 non-governmental organizations signed a joint statement expressing concern about the non-transparent way of Parliament's appointing the two judges to the Constitutional Court. 

According to the document, such a mode of appointment, without explaining the reasons for canceling the results of the previously organized competition, based on political criteria, denotes ignoring the importance of this institution and undermines the public confidence in the independence of the High Court.

Moreover, the NGOs mention that the current government discourages deserving candidates to participate in such contests in the future.

This further reduces the level of trust on the part of the society in a free and fair process of choosing the new members of the Constitutional Court.

Therefore, the signatory organizations asked the Parliament to amend the Law on the Constitutional Court. The signatories of the declaration include: Legal Resources Center of Moldova, Promo-LEX Association, Institute of Public Policies, Independent Press Association, IDIS Viitorul, Amnesty International Moldova and others.


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