They were looking for a nanny that later forced her to prostitute. Two people detained by Police

A 33 years old and a 19 years old man residing in the Nisporeni and Balti districts are being prosecuted for trafficking in human beings and child trafficking. Previously, the man was searched for begging.

The defendants, for about eight months, have recruited several young women from Nisporeni and Balti, including a minor. The girls were accommodated in several apartments in Chisinau to provide sexual services against payment

Minor who was recruited through Odnoklassniki for the purpose of providing nudity services to take care of juvenile minors. For the work done, the suspects promised a victim a salary of 2,000 lei.

Subsequently, the minor was persuaded to provide sexual services against payment, along with other youngsters recruited for this purpose.

The defendants also identified customers as a result of ads placed on an ad site. The youngsters served about 4-5 clients daily. For sex services, they were paid 50% of the income earned.

Of the sum received from the accused, the victims paid apartment rent and other expenses for personal needs.

At the moment, the young woman is examined in a state of freedom, and the man was placed in custody for a period of 30 days.

If they prove guilty, they risk a prison sentence of 10 to 12 years.

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