They offered a chance to live. The national border police officers donated blood

They celebrated by offering! 6 years in row, with the professional day occasion, local border police employees are donating blood. At the event took part about 600 people of law from every district of the country.

Among them also was the chief of the Border Police, Fredolin Lecari, who came at the special managed tent at the General Border Police Inspectorate of Chisinau.

"My father was also a blood donor, I am one and my child will be as well. Somebody needs this blood. There are a lot of persons in the Border Police with a rare group of blood, that's why they will be the first to donate", mentioned Fredolin Lecari.

"I donated the other 6 years too. It's a good procedure for health and we're helping a lot of persons", said a police officer.

If a donor can save 3 lives, 600 policemen could save around 1 800 sick people.

"If in 2004 at the World's Blood Donor Day we had a small percentage of voluntary blood donors, for 2018, 94% of the blood it's from the voluntary donors", said Alexandru Gherman, the chief of the National Center of the Blood Transfusion. 

Those who donated blood today, got a day-off from work. More than that, they will have another day-off in the coming period. Beyond that, policemen received the donor's pack.

"The pack must contain carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. After the transfusion, the organism needs to recover. Dehydrated plums, apple juice, zucchinis and canned fish", underlined Viorelia Filipovici, National Transfusion Center representative.

At similar actions took part the Cahul, Edinet, Ungheni, Stefan Voda, Soroca and Cantemir border policemen.
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