THESE roads in Moldova still may not be driven on

Many roads still remained blocked for driving in Moldova after the last night blizzard. The Transports Ministry reports that 220 equipment units have been employed to clean away the snow from the country’s roads for the last 12 h.

The roads to the localities Baccealia, Căușeni, Gaidar and Ceadîr-Lunga are closed. The road linking the localities Vișnioca-Baimaclia, Gotești-Tartaul from Cantemir, and Congaz-Câietu from Gagauzia are not suitable for driving.

The traffic is difficult on the main national motorways.

The segment between the villages of Ciumai and Burlăceni; and Vulcănești-Slobozia Mare are closed on the Chișinău-Giurgiulești road.

The portions Basarabeasca-Cantemir and Ceadîr-Lunga-Cantemir remain blocked.

35 vehicles work on cleaning those segment.

The Customs Service reports the customs points from Lipcani (north) and Basarabeasca (south) resumed work.

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