These BORDER CROSSING POINTS suspended work because of bad weather

The customs points Larga 1 andf Grimăncăuți in the north work normally after the Ukrainian authorities have managed to unlock the road access. The same happened to the Săiți points in the south-east.

The Customs Service however recommends truck drivers to avoid the customs points from Palanca, Tudora, Ceadîr-Lunga 1, Ceadîr-Lunga 2, Basarabeasca, Mirnîi, Vulcănești, Cișmichioi and Lipcani.

The roads relating to these border crossing points are covered in snow on the Ukrainian side. 

The customs points using ferryboats in Soroca and Cosăuți have temporarily ceased working because of the ice over the Dniester.

The rest of the Moldovan customs points work duly. 

Code Orange of snowfalls and blizzards is kept till tomorrow.

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