Theatres from Moldova celebrate today National Actors Day

The life of an actor is difficult, as they need to hide behind masks. Still, once per year, they are allowed to be themselves. On National Actors Day.

Despite our movies being less known abroad, the fame of our theaters have long ago made international fans. Actors will following speak of their profession's secrets.

Even if it is their day, actors from State Drama Theater in Russian Language, Anton Cehov have to take the stage. Today is the premier of their play Cinderella. To prove their professionalism, actors chose roles that are completely opposite to their own character and temper.

"In theater there is a notion of incompatible role. The actors have to play characters that do not fit them at all. When actors cannot understand them. Then, they have to change, to speak and behave in a different manner" actor Ghenadii Boiarkin explained.

Usually, actors believe in superstitions. To avoid bad luck, they use various rituals and tricks: step on the stage with the leg, if they drop their text, the sit on the paper. Otherwise they believe they will fail.

Another problem are kissing scenes.

"Unlike in movies, kissing on the stage is more easily imitated. The cameras film actors from a close distance and there, without any other option they kiss, more or less realistic. In the theater it's easier: we turn our faces so nobody will see it and pretend to kiss" actor Ghenadii Boiarkin said.

Republic of Moldova has 16 functioning theaters. Each year, their stages hold 3 000 spectacles.

They do all this work and changes for their audience, but unfortunately, on 12% of county's citizens go to theaters.

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