The weather gathers street people at Hosting Center from Capital. They can warm up and get a warm meal

Every winter, weather becomes a burden for street people. Daily, dozens of people come to the homeless home hosting center to warm up and eat. Since the beginning of winter, more than 80 people have already found refuge at this center.

This is also the case for a woman who has two months of service from the institution. She claims she was left without a roof above her head, after some crooks had stripped her of the apartment: "I would never have thought I could have been in such a situation".

A man injured after a road accident has been living for over a year at the Hosting Center: "Summer when I sit here I put flowers, I wet them, they're a bit bitter. where was it to be?"

"The conditions are good, wonderful. It's better in the center than living in the street to have nothing to eat, no sleep", said a homeless woman.

"They are glad that they have received us and we are glad that we do not freeze out in the cold", another woman explained. 

Besides the three meals a day, people can choose to read a book at the library, watch TV, or help with housework. Individuals also get a doctor's advice. 

"Now more with viral infections, plus the consequences of an unfavorable life such as alcoholism", said Alexandru Tolmaci, a physician. 

During the cold period of the year, the institution, which can accommodate up to a hundred people, provides hosting services 24 hours a day.

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