The way to kindergarten is a torture. Children with special needs are forced to walk because there is no public transport in area

More than 100 children with mental disabilities attending the only specialized kindergarten in Chisinau, in the Rascani sector, are facing real challenges to get to the institution daily. For almost a year, they have no transport, so parents have to bring them a kilometer. There is not even public transport running around. The only route that the station had shaken in front of the institution shortened its route, because the itinerary was not profitable. 

"We stop at Dimo Street and then we walking through the park, it's very hard. - How long do you walk from the station? - At least 25 minutes with the baby". 

Even more difficult is the evening when the parents come to take their children from the kindergarten. The forest is dark, so many are calling for taxi services.

"About 500 lei spend on the taxi". 

Some parents say they tried to move their children to other day care institutions, but...

"I do not get it. They drove my child out of a normal kindergarten because they do not want to take care of her". 

"I have written to the mayoralty, the parents are the same. The mayor has promised to solve the problem because he is prone to help us", said Ilie Trata, deputy director of the "Orfeu" kindergarten. 

Interim Mayor, Ruslan Codreanu, was recently on a visit to this kindergarten. The Edil assured that in no more than three weeks at the disposal of children a minibus adapted to their needs.The transport will be free and will make several routes in the morning and in the evening in all sectors, from where the little ones will go up with their parents to get to the kindergarten. 

"I was visiting my colleagues from the Transport Directorate and I decided to look for some solutions to offer them a separate route from the public transport to the respective institution", said interim mayor Ruslan Codreanu. 

Annually, the city hall will spend almost 200,000 lei for the maintenance of the route, the purchase of the fuel and the driver's salary.

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