The United States of America supports the Republic of Moldova's democratic reforms

Progresses registered in the Republic of Moldova and the authorities' determination to fortify the dialogue with western partners were the main topics discussed by Prime Minister Pavel Filip, who met in Washington, with congressmen Pete Olson and David Price, co-presidents of the US Political Support Group for the Republic of Moldova at the US Congress.

"We need the USA's support to ensure the Republic of Moldova's western track, so that at the end of this mandate, the process will be irreversible" Pavel Filip mentioned.

At the same time, on June 20, on the agenda of the United States House of Representatives was submitted a resolution through which United States Congress supports the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, in their effort to maintain their territorial integrity and political sovereignty. 

Congressmen Pete Olson and David Price have reconfirmed the importance of a bilateral strategic dialogue, highlighting the opportunity to extend the Political Support Group  for the Republic of Moldova by promoting common aims in multiple committees and on the agenda of US legislators.

The US Political Support Group for the Republic of Moldova at the US Congress was created on June 13, 2017, aiming to maintain a permanent dialogue between the Republic of Moldova and the United States of America, as well as the Republic of Moldova role in European and energy security in Eastern Europe.


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