The start of grant campaign collection is launched. What amount will they receive

Today it was launched the collection of grant complain. Farmers will receive the money under a new normative which is valid for the next five years.

This year's grant fund is 900 million lei and, after paying the debts from last year, the amount available exceeds 565 million.

According to the new regalement, beginning from this year the farmers that will extend their business on foreign markets, ecological products, and which practice agro-tourism and handicraft.

In order to legalize their business the farmers must have courses. Each farmer will receive a sum of about three million lei, and no more than 50 % from their average investments.

George Jembey is the first farmer that filled a complain for the grant this year.

Last year the farmer planted an orchard of 40 ha of cherries and using the new technologies. The investment estimation is about 3 billion lei and the farmer will receive a grant in sum of 1,2 billion lei.


Last year about 4,300 of farmers received the grants of which estimates  700 million lei
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