The road to Micleusesti village and Peresecina - Hîrtopul Mare – Ohrincea will be renovated by the World Bank's financial aid

Today was signed the Corridor 11 agreement: The access road to Micleusesti village and Peresecina road - Hîrtopul Mare – Ohrincea.

That way, Moldova will receive from the World Bank a financial support worth 99 875 975,9 MDL.

According to the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, the renovation of Corridor 11 has a strategic importance to keep in touch the Central and Northern side of the country.

"We intend to identify and renovate all the corridor roads from our country to ensure our citizens with access to the education, health and commerce centers. With expert's help we identified 25 corridors and stated their bettering", mentioned Chiril Gaburici.

Corridor 11 starts from the crossing with the national M2 Chișinău-Orhei-Soroca and ends at the crossing with republican R23 (Criuleni-Brăneşti-Ivancea-M2). This one connects multiple localities, crossing villages Peresecina, Micleşti, Işnovăţ and Hîrtopul Mare. The road's length that is following to be renovated is about 18,5 kilometers.

The agreement makes part of the Local Roads Improvement Project.
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