The reason Andrei Nastase discourages his family head off to Moldova

Interior Minister Andrei Nastase revealed on a private TV he doesn't want to let his family live in Moldova because of the unsafety in the country. 

"Not everything is good in our country. One of my children is studying in the first class, I can't bring him here. I want as soon as possible to stay with them but I don't feel safe in Moldova. I'm aware of a danger planned to me. When I came to work in the Internal Affairs Ministry, they suggested me employ bodyguards. I don't feel safe here and I don't want my family to be exposed to any danger", Andrei Nastase said. 

Andrei Nastase's wife and their three children have been living in Germany for over three years. In the declaration of wealth in 2018, Nastase announced they lived on his wife's salary and the children's allowances. 



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