The mystery of the Moldova-Agroindbank robbery. Were stolen dozens of millions MDL

The mystery of the Moldova-Agroindbank robbery remains unsolved for now. Th Bank and the Internal Ministry come with contradictory information.

While INP says that after the made investigations were subtracted 84 individual positions worth of about 30 million MDL, the bank saying in a press-communicate that is too early to announce an exact sum of the damage.

On other side, the police announced that the bank did not take all the necessary security measures to prevent such events. The bank rejects these charges and mentioned that the institution has one of the most complex security system, a known fact.

Alexandru Popescu, security- problems expert and Ghenadie Cosovan, former vice-Minister of Internal Affairs explains from where started the contradictions between the Internal Ministry and Moldova-Agroindbank and how prepared are the institutions to collaborate in the criminal tracing.

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