The MP positions might remain vacant at a time when the governance still insists on the mixed voting system cancellation

The MP positions, freed by Maia Sandu, Andrei Nastase and Viorel Melnic might remain vacant at a time when the governance still insists on the mixed voting system cancellation and returning to the proportional one. This warning was issued by multiple and extra-parliamentary party leaders which took part in a new debate round regarding the electoral legislation.

After the mixed system's cancellation in the first Parliamentary lecture, PSRM-ACUM Alliance wants to approve in the final lecture the returning to the party lists, until the end of the month. This fact could cause judicial problems regarding the organization of the new elections in the uninominal districts, won by the MPs which already submitted their mandates. The Governance recognizes the lack of a solution. 
'The civil society's opinion is to cancel the elections because of the abusive character of the mixed system. We need a further-going formula', declared the PAS MP, Sergiu Litvenco.

'The legal frame of the actual Parliament is based on the mixed system and new elections are needed to fulfill the districts which remained without MPs after their resignation. There is no other legal way', said the Deputy President of the 'Partidul Nostru' party, Ilian Casu.
More experts in the electoral law field urge the MPs to adjust the project to fill out the MPs number. 

'There's no way of approving other colleague's proposals because they must take part in new voting', said the representative of the Law Creation Institute, Mihai Corj.

Also, more experts and politicians warn about the creation of a dangerous precedent. 
'You need to figure out with this system, because this Parliament is a legal, valid and representative one and was recognized by the international institutions. The precedent creation will be harmful', said the 'Democratia Acasa' party president, Vasile Costiuc.

'The society will not understand, there are some rules. The part about the law's retroactive functioning is unclear. I recommend making both of the old and new local elections, to save at least some money', mentioned the 'Watchdog' expert, Valeriu Pasa.

The last week, The Justice Ministry issued a negative notice about the modification of the electoral law, criticizing the fact of lacking a procedure of fulfilling the vacant mandates of the MPs elected in the uninominal districts. Also, the Ministry declared itself against diaspora's initiative to vote two days in a row and with an expired passport.
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