The most important restrictions imposed due to state of emergency

Moldova imposed state of emergency, starting on March 17, for 60 days (until May 15) to contain the coronavirus spread. Among the most important restrictions are: 

It's suspended until April 1:

- Trading activity of retail business with the exception of food business, pharmacy, and petrol. 

- The activity of commercial markets of any profile;

 - The activity of the Centers for rehabilitation / recovery, including balneo-sanatorium;

It's also suspended:

- Air traffic (commercial flights) with all countries of the world.

- International passenger rail traffic

- Access of foreigners to Moldova, with the exception of persons with diplomatic accreditation, those residing in Moldova and persons who transport goods. 

The restriction does not apply to foreign nationals, who are already in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.  

The Moldovan citizens are not subjected to the restriction to enter Moldova. However, they are urged to refrain from traveling because of the access restrictions imposed by several nations. 




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