Ciocana welcomes renovated street by October (Photoreport)

Workers have been renovating a main street in Ciocana sector. No more holes and bumps on Mircea cel Bătrân Boulevard.

Exdrupo workers have been repairing the sidewalk, replacing asphalt and curbs for over two weeks. According to the plan, a total of 5,200 square meters will be renovated and the works will last until the end of September.

Built in the early 80's, the main alley in the Ciocana sector gradually transformed into a toll with lots of obstacles for pedestrians. 

A rehabilitation project, including pavement repair, asphalt and curb replacement was presented in early this year. Finally, over 1.7 million lei was allocated from the local budget in order to set off the repair works.  

"The repaired part will be between the Alecu Russo section and the Petru Zadnipru street. It has been repaired over the years, so we decided to repair only the degraded part," says the head of "Exdrupo" production, Dorin Ciornii.

To streamline road traffic in the area, the first pedestrian crossing around Ginta Latina Street will disappear.

"Traffic is very crowded, first of all. Secondly, we will exclude the crossing and replace with a fence and crosswalk from Alecu Russo part" Says site engineer Oleg Nijîberschi.

The alley will be ready by September 20, and the authorities hope to find resources to renovate the entire alley that has a total distance of one kilometer.

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