The highest-paying jobs in Moldova

National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in the third quarter 2019 the average gross nominal earnings constituted 7385,0 Lei, an increase of 13,5% compared to the third quarter 2018.
The index of the real salary in the third quarter 2019 compared to the third quarter 2018 was 107,4%, more with 7,4% compared to previous year.
The highest salaries were raised by the employees in the field of Information and communications - 16,174 lei, with almost 14% more than in the third quarter of 2018.
The second place is the employees in the field of Financial and insurance activities with a monthly leaf of over 13 000 lei, up 9%.
In the top three the highest average salaries are also the employees from the Production and supply of electricity and heat, gas, hot water and air conditioning - 12,854 lei, up 13%.

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