The Government still hasn't decided how much money to allocate for the new homes of Otaci refugees

The Government haven't decided yet how much money to allocate for the homes of Otaci refugees. The PM Maia Sandu declared today, after the Commission for Emergency Situations session, of evaluations regarding the apartment prices.

'At Otaci were done some workings to evaluate the price of the apartments. Now they are discussing with the residents. The prices on the real estate market have raised. Somebody is trying to make a profit', declared Maia Sandu.

However, the journalists tried to find out when the refugees will get new homes.
'When they will buy. The sum that the state can ensure will be decided in a few days', replied Maia Sandu.

The PM mentioned that for now, a two-roomed apartment in Otaci costs about 212 000 MDL and with three rooms - 277 000 MDL. However, the Government will allocate 99 000 MDL for food, bought for Otaci refugees.
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