The goods of Veaceslav Platon, put up for sale. State will recover nearly 870 million MDL denied from BEM

Veaceslav Platon's goods, were sold. Thus, the state will recover almost 870 million lei frauds from Banca de Economii.

According to the reasoned decision of the Supreme Court of Justice, part of the money will come from the sale of the majority stake in Platon in "Mold-indconbak", "Asito" and "ALIANS INSURANS GRUP.

Also, almost 3.7 million lei will be received from "Moldasig" company and 170 thousand euros from construction company "Inam-stro".

The state will also sell dozens of firms, homes and land owned by Platon.

On November 14, the Supreme Court of Justice definitively sentenced Veaceslav Platon to 18 years of jail for scam and money laundering in particularly large proportions in Banca de Economii's file.

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