The former PM Vlad Vilat blocked the salvation of the Economy Bank

The former PM Vlad Vilat, blocked the Economy Bank's (BEM's) rescue, a process that could have been made at the beginning of 2013 through the capitalization of the financial institution. The declaration was made by the president of the Investigation Commission regarding the investigation of the bank fraud, Alexandru Slusari, after hearing the former president of the Parliament, Igor Corman and the former member of the Administrating Council of BEM, Victor Bodiu.

'It was possible to rescue BEM and this was the International Monetary Foundation and World Bank's request. They thought that bank's capitalization with subsequently privatization of it at real prices was a possible thing. This wasn't an wanted thing to happen. It was blocked by political factors. Vlad Filat blocked this thing', declared Alexandru Slusari.

Vlad Filat's lawyer, Victor Munteanu, declared of consulting with the former PM and to come later with a reaction.

Also within the press-conference, Alexandru Slusari declared of not receiving an answer from the Prosecution regarding the truthfulness of the Kroll 2 report, recently published by Renato Usatii. Another session of the Parliamentary Commission will take place on Thursday. 
Then will be heard the Democrats Sergiu Sirbu and Vladimir Vitiuc and the former communist MP Oleg Reidman.

Also, will be repeatedly invited at the hearings the former Deputy President of BEM, Viorel Birca.

We remind that one of those who insisted on BEM's capitalization was the former governor of the National Bank, Dorin Dragutanu.
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