The field is maintained. What time is waiting for Christmas

Today, it will sink poorly across the country, and the roads will keep up. Briceni and Soroca will be minus seven degrees, and in Balti: minus six degrees Celsius.

At Orhei, the thermometers will indicate minus five degrees. In Tiraspol they will be minus four degrees. At Leova, Comrat and Cahul the thermometers will look minus three degrees Celsius. 

In the capital, today it is expected to be minus four degrees Celsius. In the next two days, the thermometers will indicate, at night, up to minus 12 degrees. 

Today, in most parts of Europe, the sky will be covered by clouds. In Madrid thermometers will indicate 14 degrees Celsius, and Paris will be seven degrees.

London is expecting nine degrees. Berlin will be six degrees, and in Rome there will be a maximum of 12 degrees. In Vienna meteorologists forecast a degree, and in Prague there will be three degrees. In the capital of Poland thermometers will indicate minus four degrees Celsius.

Belgrade will record minus three, and in Budapest will be minus two. In Bucharest it will snow thin and will be minus a Celsius degree. At Athens there will be six degrees, and in Ankara it is expected to be minus two degrees. In Kiev and Moscow weather will be cold with minus six and, respectively, minus nine degrees Celsius.

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