The evidence that Money Laundering Prevention and Combating Office washes away footprints

The Office for Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering washes away footprints. 

Publika yesterday wrote that Chief of Office for Prevention and Fight Against Money Laundering Vasile Şarco paid a visit to Moscow in early October. The meeting with representatives of the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring took place on October 1. The talks were announced by the Russian institution while the Moldovan service neglected to inform the public this visit. 

When asked by Publika TV, Vasile Şarco tried to justify himself and blamed the institution's website. He said it was inoperative and would be updated in a few days.

However, the website of this institution finally functions today and posted the press release about the visit in Moscow. But the date of publication was October 4, which is completely wrong.  



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